Strawberry Japanese Cheesecake

I love cheesecake and strawberry shortcake. And now I’m infatuated with Japanese cheesecakes as they are so light and fluffy with a subtle cheese flavor.

I tried making strawberry shortcakes, then I tried making Japanese cheesecake. One day I decided to just put the two together and make a strawberry Japanese cheesecake.

When I tried the Japanese cheesecake with the strawberry, I have been fallen in love with it ever since. The velvety smooth, creamy, as well as the fluffy texture makes this kind of cheesecake stand out the crowd

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vanilla-ice-cream (1)

No-Cook Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

A good vanilla ice cream is the base of many frozen desserts. This easy vanilla ice cream recipe doesn’t require eggs or cooking, so it can go together quickly. You can turn this vanilla ice cream into tons of other flavors. Crumble some sandwich cookies into the finished product, toss in chocolate chips, or swirl the ice cream with a ribbon of caramel. There are tons of choices.

With normal ice cream recipes, you want to refrigerate your mixture before putting it in the ice cream freezer. However, since this no-cook vanilla ice cream can be put together in about a minute, the milk and cream should still be plenty cold. If you store the bowl of your ice cream maker in the freezer, you can have great homemade vanilla ice cream in about fifteen minutes.of caramel.

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Coconut Buns

One of my favourite ingredients in baking, is coconut. I just adore the sweet, nuttyness and most of bakes seem to end up with a handful thrown in! These babies are no exception! Everyone loved them, to the point this is their own picture as they mysteriously vanished! They are similar in flavour to coconut macaroons but just a little more cakey, and delicious in their own right.

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Passion fruit cupcakes

One of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had! My favorite is the passionfruit cupcake. So moist, delicious, and full of flavor…

Take a trip to the tropics with these passion fruit cupcakes made with frozen passion fruit pulp.  When you arrive, you’ll be met with an incredibly moist, spongy cake packed with an intense passion fruit flavor.  Before returning to reality, be sure to take time to savor each bite, noticing the comforting ^^ Continue reading


Dorayaki – Doraemon’s favourite pancake

Every kid and teen knows about the “dora cakes” from Doraemon which is popular all around the world, their mouths water over it and there is no way they can taste it . Dora cake is known as ‘Dorayaki’ in Japan. It is a pancake sandwich with a great filling. It is a healthy dessert too. Never will anyone know that the delicious filling is made of red beans !

It is really easy to make at home and much more delicious. Here is the steps to make Dorayaki – Doraemon’s favourite pancake!

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Nama Chocolate

If you are a frequent visitor to Japan, you either had a chance to taste or heard of this Japanese chocolate delicacy “Nama Chocolate” before.  Nama chocolate is very rich and moist.  This delicate and silky chocolate literally melt in your mouth.  It is very similar to French truffles (See my guest blogger Sissi’s delicious truffles) since the main ingredients are the exactly the same, just fresh cream and chocolate.  Unlike ball-shape truffles, Nama Chocolate comes in small squares.  The cooking method is slightly different from one for Truffles and it’s even easier to make than truffles as we don’t need to roll.

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Heart Shaped Cookie

Surprise your valentine with these heart shapped cookies as a sweet way to say “I love you”

Heart- shaped cookies are a perfect type of cookie to make for gift-giving as they allow for so much creativity and flexibility. They are relatively easy to make and a lot of fun to get creative with in making. The following is a basic recipe

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